Vitamins for nursing

ChildYou breastfeed? Put upkeep of the schedule for, take particular vitamin complexes for nursing moms. If you are going to finish breast-feeding, the specialist will recommend what combination of vitamin will help a baby better cope with the transition to a adult food. Treat how a tonic to the assistants. Following all, you keep one goal - the child was healthy.Vitamin for kidsSources of vitamin for childrenVitamins for kids from TWO years   Moms. Alike posts:Moms. Breastfeeding. Читать полностью -->

Newborn. Vitamin for nursing

NewbornYou breastfeed? Put service of a diet, pick up limited vitamin complexes for nursing mums. If you are going to finish breast-feeding, a specialist will consult what combination of vitamins will help your child correct cope with a transition to the adult schedule for. Treat so a tonic to a assistants. Later all, you enjoy one goal - a newborn was healthy.Vitamins for infantsSources of vitamins for childrenVitamin for children with 2 years   Similar posts:Baby attention. Kids diseaseNewbornNewborn. Fresh food allergies in infantsChildService of a child. Читать полностью -->

Attention of a newborn. Dosage

BabyOrganic food - a source of vitamins and minerals. With a thoroughly drafted regime vitamins deficiency (severe lack of) and hypovitaminosis (average deficit) can be avoided. And here's an easy disadvantage of these elements are often, specifically in a winter - source.A fact that by March fruits and vegetables do not contain a lot of vitamins similar fall. And even if you turn on a carte of salads, fresh juices and veggie dishes, do not assimilate all a nutrients accurately. Also, any of their loss during preparation. But you can easily fix a issue. Читать полностью -->

Newborn. May a nursing mother eat ripe bananas

NewbornMay I natural-feeding mom bananas, however healthy (or useless) for herself and for her newborn? Let's deal. Warm-feeding is highly important in the life of mum and baby, because at this time of a baby's immune system is formed, there is an improvement of the digestive system. Up to 3 weeks, the baby does not get enough enzymes to digest fresh food faster, however - his mom need be especially attentive to a ration, particularly if the newborn is fed alone natural natural milk her. Because the question of whether a nursing mother to eat bananas, the answer is conditionally good. You can, but in very little amounts, however it is quite heavy diet food. Many pediatricians are so generally recommend to refrain with eating bananas until a newborn is 2-3 weeks. Читать полностью -->

Service of a child. Train intelligence

NewbornA successful combination of genes, upbringing and environment - a ideal basis for a construction of mental faculties kid. A basic item - do not miss the time!Scientists have long been proven that mitt movements (the so-called lovely motor skills) are in close contact with mental development. Numerous studies possess shown that a more efficient the baby acts hands, a sooner he starts talking.Try to make the newborn's first playthings were made of fabrics of varied textures. Then you will contribute to a development of a wide range of tactile sensations. A little later, plasticine and clay will allow the newborn not only train the hands, but also to create figurines of animals or heroes.By the method, no less effective activities such as tying shoelaces, sorting of big, tightly thread, modeling dough, collecting puzzles and mosaics.  Similar articles:Newborn. Child Evolution 4 monthsChildMoms. Читать полностью -->

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