Child leaving. Dining nursing mother: chief principles

NewbornA value of a regime feeding mother for her child.POWER nursing mums is one of the chief points of interest to newly mums. In a lot of hospitals there is still a Soviet principle of feeding pregnant gerls. Not alone do these institutions the power feeding mum is no different variety, however even know pregnant women are prohibited to transfer them to any of the fresh vegetables and fruits that are how indispensable for a recovery of a body of a nice mom and her baby. With a menu, a nursing mom is normally recommended to eliminate all allergens. These incorporate fruits and vegetables red, and orange. You've probably heard this advice - a diet feeding mum should be no carrots, red fresh apples, oranges, tangerines and more. Читать полностью -->

Mothers. Home - tune in!

Child"I enjoy enough milk." As ofttimes do we hear these words from a magnetically mum. How can we help?In fact, it turns out that lots of natural natural milk, but lack skills and confidence in a fact that it is enough. Earlier we go to a pediatrician for council or a recipe adapted formula, evaluate your own strength and potential errors on a part.Unfortunately, in our country, in the state of baby well-being centers and antenatal not provided an expert on breast-feeding. But such a qualified professional may just be my mother. You just request to need to!  Baby care. Resembling posts:Baby attention. Читать полностью -->

Vitamin for nursing

BabyYou breastfeed? Take maintenance of your regimen, put limited vitamins complexes for nursing mothers. If you are going to beautify breast-feeding, the specialist will recommend what combination of vitamins will help a child better cope with the transition to a adult diet. Treat as a tonic to a assistants. Later all, you possess one goal - the newborn was healthy.Vitamin for childrenSources of vitamin for childrenVitamins for kids from TWO years   Child. Alike posts:Newborn. Newborn ReflexesNewbornChild care. Читать полностью -->

Baby attention. When to introduce solid foods

BabyOn however rightly a newborn will be fed in the first year of life, depends on his heartiness and his relationship with diet food in the next. How nurture a real connoisseur of healthy fresh food!Highly tasty and wholesome food for a baby for the first 6 weeks of life is my mum's milk. If for about reason a mother may not breastfeed, he has adapted to have a high-property blend. But there comes a time when a growing body wants, and other food.You will recognize that it is time to introduce solid foods for several best key criteria: interest in fresh food adult, a ability to confidently sit, a outside of a first tooth. However, it's time to Think about some how to input solid foods to the child.  Leaving of a baby. Similar Baby.articles:Attention of a child. Читать полностью -->

Stagnation, cracks, mastitis

ChildThe first attack, which is waiting for mothers with untreated fresh - cracks. Frightened of this and weaning is not necessary. Cracks may be greased with special ointments, oil resolution of vitamin A, Vitaon, use especial protective silicone pads on the chest. Before fresh-feeding need be water-washed, usually in a some days when a face on the nipple zagrubeet, cracks are.If a newborn has warm "on need", he cheerful, happy, rule and actively sucks, my mother rarely occur congestion in a chest. Usually this happens to those who possess milk in sharp contrast with the wants of the baby. Here is just pumping plays a negative role. Читать полностью -->

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